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MMO Anodes

High Silicon Cast Iron Tubular Anode

Seaguard HSCI tubular anode works well as deep well anode for cathodic protection of offshore platform, underground steel pipelines, underground cables, subsea pipelines, etc. 

The tubular design provides greater surface area over solid cast iron anodes with identical weight. This in turn lowers anode-to-earth resistance, decreases the current density on the surface of the anode and permits any generated gases to be distributed over a larger area. The tubular design also means the wire connection can be made in the center of the anode, thus eliminating the problem of end-effect consumption.

There are two manufacturing methods to produce these anodes, steel mold cast or centrifugal cast. The dimensions of HSCI tubular anodes can be customized in accordance with client's requirements.

MMO – Activated Titanium Anodes

Seaguard MMO coated titanium anode is created for various application and industries. It is based on titanium (substrate) and coated with active mixed metal oxides.  

The particular mixed metal oxide ceramic is specifically formulated for each shape, and it was tested at extremely high current density to ensure consistent product quality.

This type of ceramic coating consists of metal oxide of iridium, tantalum and titanium; its dissolution rates are superior to all other anode materials available on the market today. 

Since this ceramic material will resist the evolution of both oxygen and chlorine, it is recommended using in fresh water, sea water, mud, brackish water and coke/soil environment.

The durable ceramic coating provides both the abrasion and corrosion resistance to meet most of the harsh environment demands of the cathodic protection.

Seaguard MMO-Titanium anodes provide 20 years long life at the rated current; it will be longer if the current demands are lower. It is available both in standard and high current version.

Special features and versions for longer rated life are available to meet customer requirements.

Standard shapes Standard assembly
  • Bar
  • Pipe
  • Wire
  • Ribbon
  • Disc
  • String
  • Canister
  • Spiral